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An Initiative of Marathwada Environmental Care Cluster(MECC)

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  • Our Vision

    Creating a Magnificent and future ready Aurangabad that will serve our forthcoming generations. Restoring the pride in our citizen’s heart towards the city. Creating benchmark of a clean, eco-friendly and a smart sustainable city. Implementing modules to enrich and increase the standard of living.

  • Our Mission

    Creating initiatives and themes based drives to reach maximum people. Increasing public participation towards the development of our city. Improve well-being of citizens by ensuring access to social and community services. Establish an environmentally responsible and sustainable approach to development.

History of Aurangabad City

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A Historical City

The city of Aurangabad was founded in 1610 by Malik Amber, the prime minister of Murtaza Nizam Shah II. The town was named as ‘Khirki’ and was stated a capital.

Tourism capital of Maharashtra

Aurangabad is home to world heritage sites like the Ellora and Ajanta caves which are a major tourist attraction. Aurangabad is a very historical city along with its surrounding towns and villages.

A Reputed Industrial Hub

Aurangabad lies in the Delhi-Mumbai Development Corridor, with a growing industrial infrastructure and excellent transport and communications links to the Asia-Pacific region.

City of Crazy Entrepreneurs

Aurangabad city provides a great platform for entrepreneurs to start their own venture. The city incorporates prominent Small Scale Industries to the large ones and also MNC’s.

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Recent Work

Mission Central Naka Aurangabad
26 July To 15 August 2018

Mission Central Naka

During initial interactions with AMC it was identified that 4 to 5 Thousand Tones of Garbage is collected unknowingly at Central Naka and it is causing great threat to the Health of the people staying in vicinity.

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MECC Work in Waluj Aurangabad City
16 May 2018

MECC Work In Waluj

Organised and Protected Planataion all across the Waluj with Participation of Industries. Solid Waste Processing and Gas Plant in Waluj is being constructed by Mahindra & Mahindra. This will be the only Plant initiated by MIDC in entire India.

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